The Power of Google

The Power of Google Mini Series will be focused on Improving Your Google Visibility

Design: Your Google Presence
Maximize: Opportunities
Optimizing: Your Google My Business
Leveraging: Insights to Optimize Your Search Presence

🖤 Strengthening Sales through Cost Effective Marketing Strategies, Brand Building, and Successful Advertising Strategies 🖤


the first place consumers go to find just about anything and everything they could possibly need.

Hungry? Search the closest restaurant near you. In the mood to shop? Businesses share the latest sales via Maps as well as directions, hours, phone numbers. Wondering what your child just meant by the acronym she used? Find answers for acronyms.

We help your business benefit from consumers trust in the most reliable search engine.

No matter what you’re searching for, Google has your back – especially in business.

ShelleRae Creative works with small business to put the strength of Google to work for them. Attract customers, share insights, create an active community even and get ahead of competitors.

From email (GMail & GSuite) to Calendar and Maps; ShelleRae Creative help businesses organize efficiently and establish an online presence while improving rank. With the ever evolving Google – business has even greater ability to design and create the image, brand presence and information shared about their business.

Small business collaborate with ShelleRae Creative to design  and optimize their search engine presence. #GoogleMe #ShelleRae

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