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Brand Design - Creation - Maintenance

Brand Recognition = Profitability

The Brand Build … We put your brand out to the community at large.
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Brand Development Defined

Brand development is the process of creating and strengthening your business brand. We support the development business brands.

Cohesion improves Google Rank; Google My Business.

Personal and business branding is not a new subject. For me, it’s  always been key to success; fundamental to marketing.


  • First is brand strategy. Aligning with your business objectives.

  • Second is designing how you’ll communicate your brand, such as your logo, tagline and website. Where your brand will be seen and which tools will support your goals.

  • Launching, strengthening or updating your brand.

ShelleRae Creative brings your brand to light; creating visibility.

Brand Creation

Do you dream of being asked to speak, pitch and engage at a premium price?

It’s never been easier to create a personal and/or business brand but …

What is a brand?


The best definition I have heard is

The Personality of a Business“.

Brand Creation

Brand Recognition

Social Media Posting and Engagement

Focus is on making the business be seen on social media and look professional.


Optimization ° Management ° Maintenance

Optimize ∆ Strong Infrastructure? All your plugins, themes and security patches up to date?  Not every customer needs a re-build or re-brand or even a new marketing plan. We’ll work with you to get your site up to date with search and brand identity optimization – think of it as a fresh coat of paint.

Manage ∆ Fresh SEO? Updates to your content? A few minor changes? Add new photos?

We are great at putting that fresh look on to your website weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Maintenance ∆ Too many delayed updates?

Plugins that are out of date or out of service?

Unsure how it will impact your site?

Concerned it might break something that takes hours to fix? That’s ok. We do this and we fix things when updates break them. We are happy to help.

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The internet is a social platform.

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