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The internet is a social platform. Follow us!!

Social Media Creation and Population

Why do you need social media and why does it matter if the profile is robust and populated?

Sales Require Visibility

Your Business Grows with Visibility!

Sometimes, business owners just don't have the time to create profiles and manage updates.

Because of this we work with you to decide which social media need attention and which need updates; then we take the information you share and update your business. We will gladly also do this for your professional and networking groups.

Don't worry, we know how to ask the questions to get the profiles built in your voice to your brand.

Brand cohesion is extremely important and we honor you and your business. It's what we do.

Of all the ways to market, there are quite a few, we have 3 favorites.

Three favorite ways to be findable and visible.

Proximity Marketing … Signage, Business Cards, Networking Groups, Chamber Events, and beyond. These are ways that you place your business in the public eye. But wait … It also includes being interactive online with other local businesses.

Social/Referral Marketing … Website, Social Media, SEO, Keywords and Content – FaceBook, Instagram, Yelp, Google My Business, Search Engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo and about 250 others, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and what seems like a million more. Online locations where Search Engines seek to put Your Business in View. But wait … those business events you go to are also “Social and Referral Marketing”.

The Map … NAP – Name, Address, Phone – Critical for success. In real estate the saying is – Location … Location … Location … – Marketing isn’t much different.Whether it’s your name, address and phone being accurate and visible on your sign, your business cards, or your flyers – OR – it’s having your listings be accurate online. Sharing how and where to buy from you is critical to sales and business success.


If your clients can’t find you, can’t get to your location, can’t see you …


How do they buy from you?

Social Media is

Visibility - Marketing

Social Media Top 7 Populate

  • •Populate•• … 8 essential ranking factors we’ll help you update include:

Update or Creation with Name, Address, Phone Number, Business Categories, Website Link, Description/Story, Hours,  Business Details/Bio

  • •Top 7•• … Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Yelp

  Additional professional sites can be updated for $100 each.

Social Media Create, Update and Populate

August 12, 2019 Update

Social Media Profiles•• … Logins and Passwords must be supplied with profile text and images. Only accounts with supplied logins and passwords will be updated.

Creation•• … If Social Media Accounts need to be created client will supply a isolated email address with login for use. This can not be their standard email address. Due to security concerns we choose to not have access to clients business or personal email accounts.

Images•• … Client must supply all images for updates and creation of accounts. If no images are supplied the images on the accounts will not be updated.

Text Content•• … Profile Text is the responsibility of and must be supplied by the client. Projects will stall without completed profiles. … … Profile Text is to include: 150 Characters of Text … … Bio text is to include 450 Characters of Text

Timeline: This project takes 7 days from receipt of logins, including passwords, images and text content. This project will not start until all required content is received and all logins are possessed and verified.  The latter are the responsibility of the client. Any delay in receipt will delay both the start and the completion of the project.