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Advertising | Profitability

° Free Evaluation °

We’ll give you 5 things that will improve your business visibility and save you money just for letting us evaluate your advertising.

What are your ads really costing?

Often times the person, typically who works for the vendor, writes Your Business ads. The ads may or may not reflect your business needs and more importantly Your Keywords.


Let’s Look at Your Profitability… Lost Revenue and Lost Ranking!

Groupon Advertising Savings

What I love about Groupon…


Groupon says it’s free. There is no cost to you. We’ll show you how much $ you are paying for each client.


Frequently – Your Website is HIDDEN. Yep; Instead of saying “ShelleRae Creative” it says “Website”.

° How does “Website” Help Your Business or Its Search Ability?


It Doesn’t – Lost Revenue, Lost Prospects – Lost Income

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What I love about Facebook…


Facebook expects you to have a target set up and to not leave FaceBook.


The ads often target an audience you are already selling to.


While your goal should be to build beyond the limits of FaceBook while harnessing its power.


Contrary? Yes. FaceBook is about building your business ON FaceBook.


How does building on FaceBook Build Your Business?


There are a few ways to Master this challenge. Few advertisers Master it and so they Build on FaceBook but rarely turn those Clicks to Sales.


Lost Revenue, Lost Prospects – Lost Income

Advertising Rewrite

Google – FaceBook – Yelp – Yellow Pages – Instagram – Groupon

Optimize Your Ad –

This package includes:
Free Business Ad Review +

1 Ad Rewrite or 1 New Ad Write +
2 Calls of approximately 15 minutes each +
1 Ad Tuning – We’ll go in and tweak the ad for better results after the first week.

Love your business

Advertising Evaluation

Save $$
Build Your Business

Are you #advertising?

Do you have #FaceBooks Ads? #Instagram?

Are you using #Groupon? #YellowPage Ads?


Who is writing your ads?

Are they designed to improve your business?


Are they optimized for you brand?


ShelleRae Creative offers a Free Ad Review.


A quick review will tell us how your ad is performing “beyond” what the analytics say.


Do your ads show up in search engines?

Are your business hashtags highlighted?


Is there a better write up that will help you gain or improve your online presence?


We’d love to help you answer these questions.


We’d also like to show you how to achieve similar results with less outlay and stronger customer retention.


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Visibility Diva | Online Business Design & Management | Grow Visibility

ShelleRae Creative works with small business to put the strength of #Google to work for them.

Attract customers, share insights, and create an active community.

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Small business collaborate with ShelleRae Creative to design and optimize their search engine presence. #GoogleMe

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